Our Company

About Our Company:

Dark Horse Parts has what you need to keep your diesel truck on the road. We strive to offer the best quality parts at a budget friendly price. Whether you’re looking to push that Dodge Cummins Diesel engine to one million miles, keep that Chevrolet/GMC Duramax towing the company trailers, or take that Ford Powerstroke to the drag strip on the weekends, we offer a wide variety of aftermarket parts for any level of build. We do the leg work and offer special kits that are practical for smaller repairs as well as complete engine overhauls.

Our Mission:

With Dark Horse Parts being partnered with many of the top companies across the United States, it makes shipping and receiving your parts on time and at a great price a breeze. Take advantage of Free Shipping on orders over $250.00, and trust in Dark Horse Parts to go above and beyond with customer service every time you order.


Dark Horse Parts is owned and operated by Mechanics, Machinists and Engine Builders. With over 10 years experience in the machining and engine building market, Dark Horse Parts crew has the ability to give real world feedback on parts and products.